Slip stitch short rows

Another new thing I learnt recently is slip stitch short rows. I am so grateful for THIS tutorial from Designing Vashti (have you seen her newsletter? - it is awesome!). 
I must admit - I was very sceptical about slip stitch crochet first. I thought it would be snail-ishly (is that a word?) slow. But this technique seemed interesting enough to try it out.

There were two things that concerned me when I was first trying out this technique - 
1) I thought it would go very slowly; 
2) too many stitch markers and too many slip stitches. 

I was actually surprised how fast it went, and when I understood the technique - how easy it was! 
Couldn't be more thankful for Vashtis' very detailed photo-tutorial.

Wouldn't it look just lovely in a self-striping yarn?