Galactic Orbits Top - Modified

I'm always doing a happy-dance (in my mind) every time I see someone has made a project out of my patterns. Well, this time I was totally blown away by what Truly Hooked did with my Galactic Orbits Top - she modified it and made a dress. Isn't it amazing?!

© TrulyHooked

She writes in her blog: "I knew I wouldn't wear it as it was. Don't get me wrong, this is a stunning design and I have to give all the credit to the amazing designer Eleven Handmade, but I needed to add my own touch to it. After a good nights sleep and a bit of gardening with my mum, I grabbed another ball of yarn & my trusty hook and kept going. I picked out bits of the pattern that I thought looked good, and repeated them adding a further 18 rows to the original top. A little light blocking overnight, and this was the result…"

© TrulyHooked

See the full post and more gorgeous pics in TrulyHooked BLOG.