Review of 2011

Number of designs (with patterns) in 2011: 19
Number of projects: a lot and some more
Number of local publications: 2
Number of awards: 3 (Flamies, CGOA, Awesome Blog Award)
Crochet related project: #crochetonthestreet (@ElevenHandmade on Twitter)
Greatest meeting: Black Sheep Gathering (Eugene, OR) with Laurie the Fearless Leader of CLF and Shelby Allaho
Membership in organizations: 1 (CGOA)
CALs organized by me: 1 (Election night crocheting in LV)
Most valuable skill learned: sizing garments in my patterns
Other interesting facts – saw alpacas and lots of sheep; re-discovered the joy of sketching; took part in crochet and knitting blog week; took part in several local contests; started series of comics about my alter ego – Hooker; got lots of new virtual and some real crochet friends; opened Etsy shop; improved my construction skills, improved tapestry crochet skills; improved hairpin loom skills a bit; tried new things in my designs.